How might we allow students and advisors to have an efficient, more convenient way to meet with each other during walk-in hours?

Our solution is SmartAdvising

SmartAdvising is a mobile application designed for walk-in advising featuring a virtual waiting room (queue), push notifications, robust FAQ, and the ability to be added to the waiting room by entering FSUID.

What I learned through the ideation process is that there can be a vast array of solutions for the problem with some being more feasible than others. A priority map is a good way to put these ideas to board and help filter out the ideas to select the ones which are both high in feasibility and high in impactful. Sometimes the ideas can also be combined into one. This can be seen for us with the robust FAQ idea and how we combined it to be a part of the mobile application idea. In addition, many of us in our group had different mobile application ideas but with different features. At the end, we were able to combine some of the different features into one app idea.

Some of the issues that came along the way had to do with expenses for our app. In order to place the iOS app on the App Store, we would need an Apple developer license which costs $99 a year. We would need to host a web server as well that has a database to use for the app. This is additional overhead and a web hosting service like Amazon Web Services (AWS) will need to be used which is also not free. This brings the feasibility down a bit but with the assistance of the university, a small fee can be incorporated in the service for the university (not the students) and the expenses can easily be covered.

My favorite activity was sketching the idea and describing the features. The reason being is because I am actually developing this idea and having a wireframe or at least a mental image for the application helps think about how I want the user interface to look like while i’m building the app in Xcode. I aim to have this application finished by the end of the semester!